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The H28

The Salthouse H28

In 1983 the Compass Yachts hull and deck moulds were sold to Neville Collet.  They were from the same moulds that Compass built the last 70-80 boats. This was the series B mould.  Neville had Salthouse Brothers manufacture 6 -10 boats.   These were done under John Maurice's control who was working for Salthouse's at the time.

The last 4 of these were auctioned in 1986 when Neville had sold his Pt Chevalier business and needed to clear the yard.

In 1986 Kerry Blaymires bought the Hull & Deck moulds from Neville.  The whereabouts of the moulds is now unknown.

There are 3 known Salthouse boats that were built. One is Annalisa, and the other is a Christchurch Boat. Oh and the last one launched in Wellington.