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Member Meetups

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The H28 Yacht Owners Association was formed to further the interests of the H28 class in all respects. We have around 100 members from throughout NZ and has grown to become the largest and most successful of all the Owners Associations.

Another way of life YouTube Channel

We are a kiwi couple who have spent the last 5 years travelling New Zealand and abroad. We have taken many videos over the years and we thought we might as well start sharing our adventures with people to let them see some of the amazing places that we are lucky enough to venture to. With big plans in the very near future, we would be excited for you to get on board and check out what we have in store. We have goals to post regularly so like, subscribe and enjoy as we bring to you another way of life. Big news dropping next Monday..
“If H28s design is only slightly changed, the whole balance may be thrown out. If you equip her with dead eyes, build her with sown frames, or fill her virgin bilge with ballast, the birds will no longer carol over her, nor will the odours arising from the cabin make poetry, nor will your soul be fortified against a world of warlords, politicians and fakers…”

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With so many active H28 yachts in New Zealand, there are often a few for sale at any one time. Perhaps now is the time to stop dreaming of all the places you’ll go and buy yourself an H28. You’ll be surprised by just how far people have travelled in an H28!
Click the link below to see what’s currently listed on Trade Me: