Bob Carson’s new boat

Jun 30, 2018 | Technical

A new H28 is being built in Florida by Bob Carson using a hull made by Middleton Marine. Bob is a boat cabinet maker who specializes in fitting out and detailing new boats.

Jamie Thomas took the photos on his last visit to Florida in December 2002. Jamie reports that the quality of his finishing work is exceptional.

Bob is working closely with Bill Middleton of Middleton Marine in Florida.  Bob and Bill also have one other sister fiberglass hull for sale at present at US$5,000.00 complete with engine beds but no deck.  Contact Bob Carson on USA 654-467-2405 and leave a message or Bill Middleton on: USA 386-462-4939.

Cabin top looking aft. Note bridge deck and small cockpit.

View of cabin trunk towards bow. Traditional straight lines to cabin top with no dog house. Chuck Paine design.

Starboard side looking aft. Note Bob’s fine timberwork and curved bunk fronts and back rests.

Starboard side looking Forward showing open plan layout. Bob has designed a specially engineered S/S ring frame which is just visible

Down below looking forward.  Note the double bunk and lack of a bulkhead between the main cabin and forward bunk.  The mast is supported by a stainless steel beam running across the top of the cabin house and down the side of the hull.  Visible aft of a florescent tube is the wooden trim that covers the mast support.  More of the support is visible against the hull on the centre right of the picture

Looking forward from the main hatch. The forward berth is offset and is just behind the ladder.

Kerry Blaymires