Restoration of a H28 in California

Jun 30, 2018 | Technical

My name is Frank Parth and I “inherited” my H28 when the previous owner decided that after keeping it on blocks for 6 years maybe he wouldn’t get around to working on it after all. I picked up the boat by paying two month’s back rent (total of $320 US) and a promise to restore her. This is a Chinese obligation. Once accepted, you must fulfil the obligation.

Her previous name was Charmaine. Since that’s also the name of a popular selling toilet paper here I decided that this wasn’t the name I wanted my boat to have. She’ll get a new name when she’s ready to go back into the water. Restoring her is a lifestyle change. I get home from work at 5 PM, change clothes and work on the boat for an hour or two. It’s both the most relaxing work I’ve done in many years and at the same time the most frustrating (I’m thinking planking screws and keel bolts here). I figure that another two years of dedicated work and she’ll be ready to go back into the water. I live just a few miles from the ocean in southern California and will rent a sailboat about once a month just to get out into the water. Before I accepted the responsibility for her, I did a “Google” search on the Internet and found the New Zealand H28 web site. I studied it for quite a while and learned a lot about the H28s from it. It’s a great site.

Frank You can track Frank’s progress on the internet Frank’s website is We are grateful to Frank for sharing his story with us.