The Dos and Don’ts of Anchoring

Jun 30, 2018 | Technical

The Do’s:

Approach the selected anchorage slowly.
Head into wind, or into tide, whichever is stronger.
Know the depth and the tide stage before you anchor. Check the chart for foul ground and make sure you will have enough depth at low water.
Stop before lowering the anchor; then go astern slowly to set the anchor.
The Don’ts:

Don’t anchor in a fairway.
Don’t anchor in the manoeuvering area near a wharf.
Don’t anchor amoung permanent moorings – you may hook up the ground chain and require a diver to free your anchor.
Don’t drop or throw your anchor – lower it. Remember that the shape of a Danforth makes it try to “sail” underwater, so, if it is lowered too fast, it may flip up and settle on top of the chain.
Don’t join anchor warps, or two ropes, with two loops or bowline. This will reduce the strength by 50%. Use a Carrick bend or a double sheep bend.
Don’t try to tow chain when setting out an anchor with a dinghy. Anchor the dinghy; then tow the chain to it.