One Approach to Pushpit Seats

Jul 13, 2018 | Technical

Standing at the tiller for long periods, or sitting in the cockpit without being able to clearly see forward, was not my idea of relaxation when running before the wind on one of those long cruisey legs aboard our H28 Sandbourne.

Plenty of other H’s had added raised bench seats across the pushpit, but with our yacht having a locker and hinged hatch at the stern, a full length seat across this area was not workable.

After various thinking bouts the skipper and mate agreed on a solution as shown in the photos.

In summary;

Two corner seats sitting on the pushpit rail.

Snug fitting using bungy chord under the rail to hold each end firmly in place.

Made from a single 6m length of kwila home decking timber (low cost).

Weathered look after one year with a coat of teak oil … and it looks the part.

Bob Gordon Sandbourne