A H28 Engine Transplant

Jul 14, 2018 | Technical

Many early Compass H28 yachts were fitted with 10 hp engines although some later launched yachts had 20 hp power-packs. Bukh engines were a common choice as was the case with our H28, Sandbourne, when launched in 1985.

At 20 plus years down the track most original H28 engines have either been replaced or have had a major overhaul or are close to needing one.

Either way, there are some significant costs involved and one is faced with many considerations such as; – Is it going to be minimum repairs, a partial overhaul, a full recondition or total replacement?

What reliability do we want?

– How much are we prepared to invest back in this old (but semi-classic & loved) yacht?

– Are we looking for some of the promoted benefits of newer engines like fuel efficiency, more power, quietness, less weight, compactness?

– Are there other jobs to do while the engine is out like, prop-shaft, stern-gland & bearings and aft area cleanup under the cockpit floor?

And so it was with Sandbourne, after an engine problem early in the 2007/2008 summer.

We costed the options, considered our goals, talked to others and chose to dig deep into the piggy-bank.

Our choice was to replace the good old Bukh with a new Yanmar of similar power rating and the transplant was made in July 2008.

The costs (including GST) were roughly;

– Engine & gearbox package $12,000

– Installation related work $5,500

– Other tidy-up jobs $ your choice

– Prop-shaft, bearings & seal $1,000

– Haul-out & 3wks hard-standing $1,000

All contracted … none of our labour to assist. But we did need a good local first-mate and many thanks to the ever-helpful Allan Brown.

As we are currently living in Brisbane our first real good run with the re-powered Sandbourne was over 2 weeks in the 2008/2009 summer.

Our verdict: It’s a tidy installation, easier access around the engine, a very different sound that is definitely quieter at cruise revs, fuel usage rate is much lower (averaged 1.2 l/hr over 30 engine-hours during our cruise). Boat cruise speed similar but we can now push her up to 7 knots if we need to.

Overall we are poorer but very happy boaties.

Bob & Judy – “Sandbourne”