About the H28

The Herreshoff Boatyard where it all began

“Maximum room for the cost without sacrificing looks and speed.”

The H28 was designed by L. Francis Herreshoff, the fifth of Nathanael Herreshoff’s six children, in 1942. The style was undoubtedly influenced by his father’s design. Although L. Francis was initially discouraged from following a career in yacht design by his father, he eventually convinced himself and his father of his commitment and talent after serving a short apprenticeship.

The Design Philosophy Kept in Mind

The fact that “most of the owners of H-28’s will have to report to the office without fail on a Monday morning, so had best have a motor.”

“Maximum room for the cost without sacrificing looks and speed.”

“A shape that should stay entirely tight even if exposed to considerable strain or twisting.”

“A draft that is deep enough to allow good windward performance in heavy weather but shallow enough to avoid the need to row miles to shore when anchored in a picturesque bay.”

The Original H-28

It is perhaps these four key points that explain why so may H28s have ventured off shore. Not one of the fast modern designs but a very sea worthy and durable vessel.

H-28s have not only been built in the USA but in a number of places around the world including Japan, Hong Kong, Spain, Australia, and of course New Zealand.
  • Compass Yachts H28
  • Far East Yacht H-28
  • Bermuda 30
  • Middleton Marine H-28
  • Walker H28
  • Parkins H-28
  • Samurai 28
  • Cheoy Lee Offshore 31
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Compass Yacht's History

In 1971 Brian Walden, Lyall Hewitt & John Maurice the founders of Compass Yachts Ltd approached John Lidgard, a prominent Auckland designer and boat builder, to look at the possibility of modifying the rig...

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Getting Married on an H28

We sailed up from Tauranga on Christmas day to Mercury cove and stayed until new year. We then sailed into Whitianga marina where we got married on the on the bow of our H28 ‘Priority’ on the 2nd of Jan 2009...

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Dave Bateman aboard Kakahi

I caught up with the delivery skipper and another crew member at Auckland’s West Harbour marina the next day. There was a buzz of activity aboard the H28 ‘Kakahi’. The Australian owner had recently purchased ‘Kakahi’ and she had been given a...

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