Constitution and rules of the association


The full title shall be “The H28 Yacht Owners’ Association Inc.”.


The policy of the Association shall be to co-operate with all yachting organisations and to co-ordinate the H28 class rules with the requirements of other yachting organisations.


The objects of the Association are to further the interests of the H28 class in all respects and to govern the affairs of the class under a uniform set of rules.


The Administration

The affairs of the Association shall be administered by a committee consisting of a Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer and no less than two or more than eight executive members.


Election of Officers

The names of candidates shall be nominated and seconded in writing either prior to or at the Annual General Meeting.


Annual General Meeting

Shall be held on a date decided by the Committee, to be as near as practicable to 31st July annually.


Ordinary Meetings

These shall be held as such intervals as the Association shall consider necessary for the conduct of its affairs.


Special Meetings

These may be called at the request of no less than five members. A notice of such meeting shall be sent out not less than seven days before such meeting and shall state the agenda.



There shall be four categories of members.


1. Ordinary Members

These shall be owners and part owners of H28 Yachts. (As designated in the Association Rules) and individuals who have entered into firm contracts for building same. Ordinary Membership will terminate on sale of yacht, withdrawal from owning syndicate or cancellation of contract. Ordinary Members shall have voting rights in meetings of the Association, with the restrictions that there shall be no more than one vote per boat and they shall be eligible to hold office in the Association.

2. Associate Members

These shall be persons whose interest in the class or whose qualification may be considered to be of value and assistance in the aims of the Association. Associate Members shall have the same voting rights as Ordinary Members and they may hold office as Chair-person or Secretary or Treasurer or other committee role, provided that at any one time the Administration Committee does not contain more than 1/3rd (one third) of the elected committee numbers as Associate Members.

3. Honorary Members

These shall comprise such other persons involved in yachting and related activities as shall be determined by the Association from time to time. The following provision shall apply to Honorary Members –

(a) These shall be entitled to all the privileges of the association, but shall not have the right to vote, or to hold any office.

(b) Term of membership shall not be longer than for one year.

(c) The Committee may revoke the grant of Honorary Membership to any person at any time.

4. Life Membership

Any person may be proposed by the Committee for Life Membership in recognition of valuable services to the Association.



Candidates for Ordinary and Associate membership shall be nominated and seconded by Ordinary Members for election at any meeting of the Association. Honorary Members, and Life Members, shall be nominated and seconded by Officers of the Association for election at ordinary or special meetings on the votes of Ordinary Members.



The H28 Yacht Owners’ Association shall have jurisdiction over all H28 Class affairs. Its Constitution and Rules are binding on all members and H28 Class yachts must conform to its official restrictions.



The amount of the annual subscription shall be decided at the Annual General Meeting or Special General Meeting. No ordinary member whose subscription remains unpaid for two months after the end of the financial year shall be entitled to vote, or to participate in Class racing.



Notice of resignation shall be made in writing to the Association and subscription and dues to date shall be paid in full.



A member may be suspended by the Committee of the Association for any gross violation of the Rules, or unsportsmanlike conduct, or after due warning, for wilful or persistent disregard of the H28 Yacht Owners’ Association. A suspension shall be for a period not exceeding the current financial year (i.e. 1 July to 30 June following), but may be extended to the succeeding year at the discretion of the Committee.



A Class Register shall be maintained by the Secretary in accordance with the Class Rules.



It shall be the duty of the Secretary and Treasurer.

(a) To receive all monies due to the Association and pay all bills contracted by it when passed for payment by the Committee, keeping a correct account in the books provided for the purpose.

(b) To produce at each meeting a statement of Accounts and prior to the Annual General Meeting a balance sheet of the receipts and disbursements of the past year and a report generally on the finances of the Association.

(c) To have the custody of the funds of the Association and to keep accounts of the same in such a manner as will at any time clearly show the true financial position of the Association.

(d) All monies collected shall be paid as soon as practicable and without deduction into the account of the Association with a bank and no payments exceeding $20.00 shall be made except by order of the Committee. Withdrawal slips or cheques shall be signed as decided by the Committee.


Alterations to Constitution and Rules

Any suggested alterations in the Constitution or Rules of the H28 Class shall be made in the form of a remit to a General Meeting. Such a remit shall be signed by no less than five Ordinary Members of the Association and shall be in the hands of the Secretary not less than fourteen days before a General Meeting and may call for a Special General Meeting if necessary. Such a remit shall be decided by the majority vote of Ordinary Members, Postal votes from Ordinary Members shall be counted.


No private pecuniary profit for any individual:

No part of the association’s income or other funds is to be used or be available for the personal use of any member or an associated person of any member.

If upon the winding up or dissolution of the organisation there remains after the satisfaction of all its debts and liabilities any property whatsoever the same shall not be paid to or distributed among the members of the organisation but shall be given or transferred to some other charitable organisation or body having objects similar to the objects of the first organisation or for some other charitable purpose within New Zealand.

No addition to or alteration or recision shall be approved if it affects the personal benefit clause or the winding up clause.



In any dispute arising from the Class Constitution or Class Rules, the decision of the appointed committee of the H28 Yacht Owners’ Association shall be final.

Circumstances not otherwise provided for shall be decided by the Committee.