In 1983 the Compass Yachts hull and deck moulds were sold to Neville Collet.  They were from the same moulds that Compass built the last 70-80 boats. This was the series B mould.  Neville had Salthouse Brothers manufacture 6 -10 boats.   These were done under John Maurice's control who was working for Salthouse's at the time.
The last 4 of these were auctioned in 1986 when Neville had sold his Pt Chevalier business and needed to clear the yard.
In 1986 Kerry Blaymires bought the Hull & Deck moulds from Neville.  The whereabouts of the moulds is now unknown.
There are 3 known Salthouse boats that were built. One is Annalisa, and the other is a Christchurch Boat. Oh and the last one launched in Wellington.