Steel H28 Tardis undergoing repairs in Thailand

Photos on this website of a steel H28 called Tardis undergoing repairs in Thailand have been spotted by a previous owner.
"As far as I can tell this yacht was the one owned by my parents in the early 80's and I (and my parents) have very many fond memories of her cruising around Moreton Bay!" advises Cameron Coles
"I was very surprised to see a photo of her and even more surprised to see it was in Thailand. Seeing her photo was like finding news of a long lost brother or childhood friend!"
Cameron Advises that Tardis  was built at Caloundra on the Sunshine coast of Queensland in the late 70's or early 80's and launched as 'Ferlan' (a contraction of the builders surname and his wife's maiden name - Ferrier and Lancaster). The owner after Cameron's parents changed her name to Tardis.