Far East Yacht Ltd was established by Mr. Clair Oberly in Hemi, Yokosuka, Japan in 1957. Working out of a rented factory approximately 1 H28 was produced a month.  About 2 years later, there was a fire, everything  burnt to the ground and the factory was closed.
Two years later the factory was re-established as Far East Boats Ltd.
In 1971 due to the so-called dollar shock ( the Yen revaluated drastically), Far East Boats Ltd was closed down
The US importers were Fellows and Stewart, Berth 200, Port of Los Angeles.
Original Far East brochure courtesy of Carl Preusser
The Far East H-28 is easily distinguished by the stepped cabin, or "doghouse", the contrasting shear strake, the bowsprit, and the masthead rig. The mainmast was increased 2'-9" in height over the original design.
Originally ketch rigged she was also produced as a cutter, later in the design life. Other variations include an 8" or so higher freeboard, which really changed the appearance of the transom, and a doghouse cabin to give 6' of headroom. They have small bowsprits, masthead genoas, and beautiful oriental carving on the hanging knees in the cabin.

Restoration of a Fare East H28
Frank Parth is in the process of restoring a Far East Yachts H28.  You can see his web page at http://www.fparth.com/H28/H28home.html

Further Information
Further information about Far East Yachts can be found at the Marine Owners Association site  http://www.marineryachts.com/
A copy of the original brochure can be found at http://www.marineryachts.com/feyh28brochure.jpg