The first of the Compass Yachts' H28s ran off the production line in New Zealand in the early 1970s. Approximately 300 fibre glass H28s were made until 1984 when the Henderson based company closed. They were sold both as a completely finished yacht and as a kitset for home construction. Surprisingly L. Francis approved of the production of an H28 in a material he referred to as "frozen snot".
Line Drawing of the Compass Yachts Ltd H28
Differences to the L. Francis's original design include: Inclusion of a marine head (no cedar bucket). Longer cabin trunk with raised dog house. Lowered keel to compensate for the increase in head room. Lifted sheer. Sloop rig design by Chris Bouzaid. Increase in length by 500mm (29.5 ft total).


Hull Measurements


Length Overall (LOA) 9.02 m
Load Waterline (LWL) 7.19 m
Beam 2.74 m
Displacement 3300 Kg
Ballast 1800 Kg
Draft 1.2 m
Sail Area 33.35 sq m


Sail Measurements


Sail Luff Leech Foot L.P.
Main 8.84 m 9.41 m 3.66 m  
Genoa 1 10.21 m 9.75 m 5.33 m 5.03 m
Genoa 2 10.06 m 9.42 m 4.57 m 4.27 m
Jib 8.84 m 7.31 m 3.96 m 3.20 m
Spitfire 6.10 m 4.26 m 3.27 m 2.13 m
Spinnaker 10.36 m 10.36 m 5.99 m  
MPS 11.34 m 9.75 m 5.53 m